Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Two or more local drives in XenDesktop with the MCS


Having used the Machine Creation Service it has a nasty habit of throwing away any additional drives you may have added to the source template VM for the VDI deployment. Take a look at the following examples…

1. A standard user with a simple, single drive and partition all looks good the original drive is maintained and a small 16MB personality disk is added by the MCS to track computer names etc.


2. But if you assign a second drive, or any other drives, apart from the first disk the MCS discards this and the new VDI computer does not have any other drives apart form the C: and the personality disk (which BTW has no drive letter assigned).


3. But if you want two or more disks, assign the extra space, using Windows 7 it will see the space and allow you to use it directly and create a new partition. Windows XP can two but if you want to expand the disk (within just c: – which is not what we are talking about here) you need a W7 boot disk to easily do this.


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