Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Citrix StoreFront v2 password expiry notice


You can enable the Receiver for Web site users to change their passwords at any time. Users passwords that are about to expire are shown a warning when they log on.

The notification period is determined by the Windows Group Policy setting. To set a custom notification period for all users, you edit the configuration file for the authentication service.

  1. On the StoreFront server, use a text editor to open the web.config file for the authentication service, in the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\Authentication\ directory.
  2. Locate the following element in the file.
    <explicitBL ... allowUserPasswordChange="Always"
    showPasswordExpiryWarning="Windows" passwordExpiryWarningPeriod="10" ... >

  3. Ensure that the allowUserPasswordChange attribute is set to Always to enable password expiry notifications.

    Change the value of the showPasswordExpiryWarning attribute to Custom to apply a specific password expiry notification period to all users.

    Use the passwordExpiryWarningPeriod attribute to set the password expiry notification period in days.

Receiver for Web site users connecting from the local network whose passwords are due to expire within the specified time period are shown a warning when they log on.

Copy configuration changes you make on the primary server are propagated to the the other servers.


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