Thursday, May 21, 2015

FIM Portal (No Display Name)


If you did an important and everyone came in a (No display name) here is what to do.


First, set the display name precedence in the FIM Sync Manager console


Then you need to bulk delete all the crap (this is slow)


And you are ready to start again.


Forefront Identity Manager Portal

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Robocopy to Onedrive Personal


If you are sick of the stupid sync clients for onedrive, map a drive a use robocopy, it runs, it is restartable and can tick away for weeks or months.

First map a drive to onedrive:

Open the onedrive link in the web.


This is an example of the link location:

In Windows explorer, map a drive to

Connect using different credentials and use your outlook account, if you have two factor, you need an APP password. Once this is done use your robocopy command of choice and site back and wait.


Thursday, May 07, 2015

Find the detailed XenServer tools version


To get the UUID:

xe vm-list | \
awk '{if ( $0 ~ /uuid/) {uuid=$5} if ($0 ~ /name-label/) \
{$1=$2=$3="";vmname=$0; printf "%s - %s\n", vmname, uuid}}'


xe vm-param-get uuid=<uuid from above> param-name=PV-drivers-version


Example output:

major: 6; minor: 2; micro: 0; build: 6

major: 6; minor: 2; micro: 0; build: 7 (update




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