Monday, April 30, 2012


Object doesn’t support the property or method


This obscure error was caused by a mix of OCX (vb6 support files) that were installed on a W2K3 server. To fix this particular issue I removed all the OCXs from the server, installed a new VM, SP2’ed it, copied over the OCXs and registered them all again using the DOS command.

CD \Windows\System32
for %f in (*.ocx) do regsvr32 %f

And the app will live again for another day… I wish it would go away…

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mincom, Ellipse, WinView CICS on W2K8 R2

XenApp 6.5, Windows 2008 R2

If you are trying to get the Mincom desktop running on Citrix/Terminal Server on W2K8 R2. And the customer has not upgrade since Mosses brought down the 3 tables there are some upgrades needed:

First, this error is due to a X64 incompatibility, to fix this you need Mincom desktop v6.3.3.5 or higher. Download and install this error goes away.


Once this is fixed the CICS Gateway 6.02 throws this error.


Get the updated software, then remove 6.02 and install 8.1

The location for the configuration INI has moved to a new location (programdata\ibm\cics transaction gateway)


Update the INI file via the configuration tool to add TCP (not sure if this is 100%required)


Lastly change from CICS gateway manual to automatic and start the CICS transaction gateway.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

XenApp Delivery Console has no XenApp node? XA5


I am running a retro XenApp 5 on Windows 2003 to support Internet Explorer 6 and after they are running and in the Delivery Console the XenApp node for configuration is MIA.


It should be just at the bottom of this picture but is sadly missing.


The problem is with Dot.Net 2.0 and you need to re-register the PSE.core.dll, complete the following procedure:

So open a command prompt, enter the following:

C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727>regasm /codebase "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Citrix\Presentation Server - Administration Snap-in\PSE.Core.dll"


Start the delivery console and volar !

Here is the Citrix article on it:

XenApp v5 install fails – no error message


If you are having a retro day too (need IE6?) then you may be installing XenApp 5 on W2K3 and IE6, but the installation fails with the error… no error. Nice

The log file in the temp folder has something like this:

MSI (c) (70:74) 11:05:13:794: Failed 1603

So to get a better log run the installation manually using this command:

msiexec /i mps.msi /L*v install.log CTX_MF_SERVER_TYPE=”P”

Where “P” = Platinum,”E”=Enterprise,”A”=Advanced

This told me that the MPS.MSI file failed….

“Message : Installation of 'c:\xa5\XenApp Server\w2k8x32\mps.msi' failed with error code 1603. Fatal error during installation”

There are several issues

My problem was the ISO extractor. I had used MagicISO to extract the ISO. I deleted this and used WINRAR to extract it to C:\XA5 and it worked fine.

It can be the Visual C++ Redistributable Package (VCRedist) installation might not complete correctly during the XenApp 5.0 Feature Pack 2 installation. 

Or you need to install from local media (not over the network)

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Changing SQL account, password XenApp 6.5


If you have problems connecting to the XenApp servers via the AppCenter it could be the test account you are using had its password expire? It did for me, this is the useless error and how to fix it.


Look into the event log for more information


If it is the password use the dsmaint command.

Here is how, open CMD as administrator and go to:


CD “C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture”

The command to run is:


dsmaint config /user:yourDomain\yourAccount /pwd:yourPassword /dsn:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture\mf20.dsn"


Restart the IMA Service




Changed SQL Server?

If you are changing the SQL server, you will need to edit your MF20.DSN with the new server name:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture\mf20.dsn

If you are changing the SQL logon name change this in the DSN too.

Here is a sample:

APP=Citrix IMA

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