Wednesday, April 18, 2012

XenApp v5 install fails – no error message


If you are having a retro day too (need IE6?) then you may be installing XenApp 5 on W2K3 and IE6, but the installation fails with the error… no error. Nice

The log file in the temp folder has something like this:

MSI (c) (70:74) 11:05:13:794: Failed 1603

So to get a better log run the installation manually using this command:

msiexec /i mps.msi /L*v install.log CTX_MF_SERVER_TYPE=”P”

Where “P” = Platinum,”E”=Enterprise,”A”=Advanced

This told me that the MPS.MSI file failed….

“Message : Installation of 'c:\xa5\XenApp Server\w2k8x32\mps.msi' failed with error code 1603. Fatal error during installation”

There are several issues

My problem was the ISO extractor. I had used MagicISO to extract the ISO. I deleted this and used WINRAR to extract it to C:\XA5 and it worked fine.

It can be the Visual C++ Redistributable Package (VCRedist) installation might not complete correctly during the XenApp 5.0 Feature Pack 2 installation. 

Or you need to install from local media (not over the network)

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