Thursday, June 20, 2013

Contact me? Mobile enabled now

While I am embracing my inner Hipstep and not rolling with a mobile phone you may still need to beat down the doors to reach me, well fear not, using the power of the Internet I have amassed a range of ways to contact me…

0411 COLVIN – the new mobile number




Skype me ‘dcolvin’

Whitepages – dead trees with names… That's hipster right there.

(l33t speak style hidden email address –>) d c o l v i n at g mail dot com …oh I see you are here already…

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ctrl-Alt-Del ® Terminal Server Tools


A bunch of handy Citrix and Terminal Server tools for FREE !


BOMBProf - manage multiple local/roaming profiles

CTXCOMMAP - to map serial ports beyond COM9:

CTXCliOS - to check the type of OS being run from the Client

DEFSET - manage default printer

ENVTSCIP - obtain the current session's client ip address and assign is to an environment variable

GETTSCIP - to obtain the current session's client ip address

GETPUBAPP - to query what specific Published Application is running in the current session

ICSWEEP - clear the Temporary Internet Files Cache and/or the TEMP files folder

LOGONMsg - displays a "message of the day"

PASSCHG - allow the end user to change their domain password

PINGWIZ - ping devices with an IPv4 address

PRTSRVCHG - remapping network printer paths

QRYDEPTAPP - running a specified Published Application based

QRYCLIENTIP - Current session's client ip address

QRYPUBAPP - Check whether the current session is running a specified Published Application

QRYTSCIP - Client ip address. No Citrix Required

REMProf - Delete local user profiles

TSAPPBOOST - Manage the CPU priority of applications

TSAPPINJECT - Launch an application with an assigned CPU priority

TSBADAPP - Manage Application Compatibility Flags

TSBACKDROP - display information about a Terminal Server background

TSHIDE - Run a named program as a hidden window

TSKAAPOP / TSKAAPOW / TSKAASPLAT - Run multiple applications from one command

TSLOADBAL - Load balancing of Terminal Servers in a single Domain.

TSLOADSTTS - Gather performance information

TSLOGOFF - Logoff Sessions from a particular server within a Domain

TSLOGINS - Set the status of remote logins

TSMSG - To message Sessions on any server within a Domain

TSPASSCHG / TSPASSCHG / TSPASSCHG - Allow the end user to change their password

TSREBOOT - Reboot selected or all Servers

TSRUNLOGOFF - Run a application with a logoff script upon exit

TSSELFSERVRESET - Users manage their own sessions from a single location

TSSESSIONNFO - Provide information on Sessions from a particular server

TSSNAPSEND - Take Screen shots of a user's Windows desktop

TSSRVTYPE - list Application Server Mode or Remote Application Mode

TSTASKMAN - show a user the list of processes/ applications running

TSTBARSET - Settings of the Windows Taskbar

TSWHATDOM - Query the domain membership

TSWHEREIS - locate a user within a Domain

XLAUNCH – Launce a programs based on 32 bit or 64 bit OS Platforms

Get the tools here:

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