Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Issue licencing the Citrix Branch Repeater VPX?

Citrix are officially crap with the way they licence their software and always have been, but if you have used Citrix ever you know that but today they add another crap feather to that cap.

If you have a licence server it has a name, lets call it a hostname, that is what Citrix call it to and for a XenDesktop and XenApp licence that is what it is, but for the Branch Repeater the hostname is actually a FLEXnet Host ID that you get from a utility they provide not the hostname that they ask for.


So instead of the hostname go to the licence server, open a command windows as Administrator, go to C:\program file (x86)\Citrix\Licensing\LS and run “lmutil lmhostid”. The output number is what you need for the Citrix licence website.


IMPORTANT: In Branch Repeater VPX software release 5.6, only Express, Eval, NFR and IOUL licenses can
be installed locally. Use a remote / network Citrix license server for Production (RETAIL) licenses.

If you are using a firewall the License Server default ports are more then just 27000:

  • 27000 - Used by XenApp servers to communicate with the License Server
  • 8082 - The License Management Console (LMC) uses this port to communicate with the License Server
  • 7279 - Static port for the Citrix vendor daemon

OR disable the firewall if you don't love security.

Citrix do have an article on this:

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