Monday, October 24, 2011

Single or dual CPU in VDI?

This is a really interesting article that shows in limited testing that additional CPUs for the client session will give a better overall performance to the VDI pool. Nice to see it tried and counter intuitive result that shows consuming more resource is better overall for the environment.

From this results, I can certainly say, an additional CPU will:

  • boost the streaming/boot up process
  • improve responsiveness and registration of virtual desktops
  • with an increased cost of the CPU hit on the hypervisor

So the takeaway will be:

  • If you are planning to go big with huge number of VMs lifecycling every day…
  • If you have large amount of working shifts which you may need to provision in advance…
  • If your cycling window need to be the shortest possible…

…in all those cases, an additional CPU will improve your cycling processes, reducing the registration gap of virtual desktops, with an additional cost of higher peak of host CPU utilisation, improving your infrastructure uptime.


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