Friday, October 14, 2011

Citrix Licence server and Repeaters

According to:

Firewall Considerations

If there is a firewall between your product and the license server, you need to configure port numbers. This configuration process entails:

  • Open up the firewall ports. Open any ports on the firewall that you modified so that traffic can flow. For Windows Server 2008, the license server Version 11.5 or later configures the built-in firewall automatically.

This is not my experience and instead needed to do so manually. If you use default port numbers for use by Licensing components you will need to manually create IP/TCP port exceptions for the following:

  • TCP/27000 License server (Citrix apps, XenDesktop etc.)
  • TCP/7279 Vendor daemon (Repeaters)
  • TCP/8082 Console Web (optional).

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