Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Citrix Branch Repeater VPX setup

Default login and set an IP Address

Login: admin
Password: password

Give it an IP, DNS and Name:

set adapter apa -ip YourIPaddress -netmask –gateway YourRouter
set dns-server YourDNSserver
set hostname YourVPXname

Display details:

show interface
show adapter

Set admin password and create a new Admin:

add user -name UserName –password Password -privilege admin
set user -name admin –password YourPassword -privilege admin

Restart and test:



Then go to a web browser: https://YourIPaddress  to licence via a central license server going to the

“System Tools: Manage Licenses”

  • License Server Location: Remote.
  • Remote License Server Address: Enter the IP address of your license server.
  • Remote License Server Port: The default will work unless you chose a non-standard port for your license server
  • Model: match the selection to the BW limit in your license, that is “Citrix Branch Repeater V10” refers to a 10 mbps license.


69520. Description: After adding licenses to a license server that previously had
none, any Branch Repeater VPX units will fail to notice the new licenses for
24 hours

Recommended action: Restarting Branch Repeater VPX will cause the new
licenses to be noticed immediately. Stopping the license server for at least
15 minutes and then starting it again will also work.

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