Thursday, February 05, 2015

Copy a Citrix PVS Versioned Disk


If try and just cope the .VHD of a versioned vDisk you’ll get an error message about not disk found. What you need to do is copy more, rename, export and then import.

To simplify the process you can merge the VHD chain of the source vDisk or just copy more files now and do it after? Here is how:


  • Copy all the versioned vDisk in the chain (*.vhd, *.ahvd, *.pvp NOT the *.lok)
  • Rename the copied files as required



  • Open the PVS console, right click the source vDisk, and choose ‘Export vDisk…’


  • Choose the latest version in the ‘Export versions starting at’
  • This creates a XML (manifest file) containing the entire information about the versions of that vDisk


  • Rename the XML file
  • Edit the XML file change all references of the source vDisk to the copied vDisk name
  • You should have a set of VHD/AVHD/PVP/XML files with the same file name. And an XML which refers to the new VHD files
  • Open the PVS console, right click the vDisk store, and choose ‘Add or Import Existing vDisk…’


  • After a short delay a popup appears saying that the import was successful

Job Done.


Cheers Dave Colvin

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