Thursday, October 16, 2014

Citrix HTML5 client on StoreFront Server

I put this together as official Citrix material is a bit ambiguous on what is needed, it is all there, but obtuse.

What is it? Receiver for HTML5 enables users to access desktops and applications directly within HTML5-compatible web browsers without needing to install Citrix Receiver.


On the StoreFront use the Deploy Citrix Receiver task to configure the behaviour of a Receiver for Web site (HTML5 client) when a Windows or Mac OS X user without the Citrix Receiver installed accesses the site. By default, Receiver for Web sites automatically attempt to determine whether Citrix Receiver is installed when accessed from computers.

Specify the response of the Receiver for Web site if Citrix Receiver cannot be detected on a user's device.

  • If you want the site to prompt the user to download and install Citrix Receiver but fall back to Receiver for HTML5 if Citrix Receiver cannot be installed, select Use Receiver for HTML5 if local install fails. Users without Citrix Receiver are prompted to download and install Citrix Receiver every time they log on to the site.
  • If you want the site to enable access to resources through Receiver for HTML5 without download and install Citrix Receiver, select Always use Receiver for HTML5. With that option selected, users always access desktops and applications on the site through Receiver for HTML5, provided they use an HTML5-compatible browser. Users without an HTML5-compatible browser have to install the native Citrix Receiver.
XenApp and XenDesktop:

For local users on the internal network, access through Receiver for HTML5 to resources provided by XenDesktop and XenApp is disabled by default. To enable local access to desktops and applications using Receiver for HTML5, you must enable the ICA WebSockets connections policy on your XenDesktop and XenApp servers. XenDesktop and XenApp use port 8008 for Receiver for HTML5 connections.

Ensure your firewalls and other network devices permit access to this port.

Client browsers:

Receiver for HTML5 can only be used with Internet Explorer over HTTP connections. To use Receiver for HTML5 with Firefox over HTTPS connections, users must type about:config in the Firefox address bar and set the network.websocket.allowInsecureFromHTTPS preference to true.

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