Wednesday, August 14, 2013

XenCenter not showing performance stats?


I have four new XenServers (old v5.6 due to testing, but anyway). One of the four showed performance stats and the other three did now. After looking around the problem was all four had different time settings (specifically odd dates that were years out) and of course no NTP Setup.

To check this open the server console and use the ‘date’ command.

To fix this do the following:

  1. Set manually the date/time. on the XenServer console use: date –s “14 AUG 2013 08:27:00”
  2. Check to make sure your NTP is running and accessible: ping NTP.server.IP.Address
    1. ‘vi /etc/ntp.conf’
    2. Add NTP servers at the end of the file in the following format:
      server ntp.server.dns.domainname
    3. Restart the NTP service: ‘/etc/init.d/ntpd restart’
  3. Check your server ntpd process: ps –ef | grep ntpd
  4. Make sure that your AD DCs and your XenServers are using the same NTP Server (optional)
  5. Restart XenCenter and BAM!

If your uptime stats are wrong you need to reboot the affected XenServers.


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