Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Browser Market Share Changing Over Time


Firstly I don't run an analytics company but I found one on the web ( and as a part of planning which browsers should be tested for a terminal services project I wanted to know the winners, losers and where IE6 still is.

Below are the last twelve months of browser change. Overall I will be testing on IE10. The others will all be tier 2 for business.


The big winners here are IE10 and losing out are IE8 and IE9. IE7 is still in slow decline, but what scares me is IE6 is static at 6% (Siebel use ActiveX controls). The total of IE releases is around 54%

Chrome with auto update is always the current release about 12% and the others falling away to a total 17%

Firefox is much the same around the 14% mark

Safari, Opera, Sleipnir, Maxthon, Comodo are ALL in the other 18% – here, have one






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