Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lost admin password for Citrix Licensing Server?


A default administrator account ‘admin’ is created during installation of the Citrix License Administration Console. You can set the password for this account during installation.

Try to logon with the default ‘admin’ password ‘admin’ to configure your domain users. NOTE: ‘admin’ is not ‘Admin’ they are case sensitive.

If you have lost the licensing server admin password then you can reset the admin password in the licence server configuration file.

  1. Find the ‘server.xml’ file in Citrix Licensing folder
  2. Open and Administrator CMD prompt to edit it.
  3. Find the entry that looks something like this:

<user firstName=”System” id=”admin” lastName=”Administrator” password=”--lots-of-characters-encrypting-your-password--” passwordExpired=”false” privileges=”admin”/>;

  1. Delete the text in the password section, in the above example change password=”(ERD-32)IUJ676h43wedftQ(lots-of-characters-encrypting-your-password--” to  password=”Password”
  2. Change passwordExpired to ‘true’
  3. Restart the licensing services, ‘Citrix Licensing Server’
  4. Log onto the licensing console using user name ‘admin’ and the ‘Password’
  5. Change your password and you are done.


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