Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Citrix Logon Process


Here are the steps the client, Web Interface and Citrix service all combine to give you a session:

  1. The user logs on the Web Interface (WI)
  2. Web interface speaks to the XML broker, and passes the credentials
  3. The XML broker reaches out to an Active Directory Domain Controller with the credentials to authenticate
  4. If you pass authentication the WI will enumerate the applications and desktops you have. At this point a user can start/select an application to run
  5. A server will respond back to the WI with ICA file for the app/desktop
  6. The ICA file is passed from WI to the client machine
  7. Client machine open the ICA and reaches out directly to the given XenApp/XenDesktop  device
  8. The XenApp Server confirms the correct RDS/TS License is available
  9. The standard Windows computer logon starts (RDS or XD session)
  10. XenApp/DDC checks with the Citrix license server to obtain a licence
  11. The Microsoft GPO’s are applied
  12. The Citrix policies are applied
  13. The remaining standard Windows logon process run, FirstRun, Run, Startup etc
  14. The user is happy…


Much of this detail came from here and here:



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