Sunday, April 14, 2013

System Center [sic] App Controller Certificate Import Error


I get this error when using a W2K12 Cluster File Server for a Library Server in SCVMM 2012 SP1…


Export of the library server certificate from the VMM server has failed for library server %clustered library server%. In order to perform this operation, you must be an Administrator in both Virtual Machine Manager and App Controller, and also a local Administrator on the server. (StatusCode: Microsoft.SystemCenter.CloudManager.Providers.ProviderException)


An internal error has occurred trying to contact an agent on the NO_PARAM server: NO_PARAM: NO_PARAM.
Ensure the agent is installed and running. Ensure the WS-Management service is installed and running, then restart the agent. (StatusCode: Microsoft.VirtualManager.Utils.CarmineException)


You we have some steps you can use to manually import the missing certificates.

  1. Open MMC (Start -> Run -> MMC)
  2. Add the certificate snap-in and select Computer account and specify your VMM server
  3. Add the certificate snap-in and select Computer account and specify your App Controller server
  4. Expand the Trusted People\Certificates folder for the App Controller server
  5. Browse to the Trusted People\Certificates folder for the VMM server
  6. Make sure you're looking in the Friendly Name column for the certificates
  7. Find the certificates that start with SCVMM_CERTIFICATE_KEY_CONTAINER and then has the FQDN of the library cluster nodes
    You only need the certificates for the library server - you don't need any of the certificates for the Hyper-V hosts
  8. Copy the certificates to the Trusted People\Certificates folder on the App Controller server

If you previously had success importing certificates, you might find that some of the library certificates are already present. You do not need to recopy these certificates - just the missing certificates for the library servers.

On the VMM server you will see a certificate for each of your host computers - you do NOT need to copy these certificates. 



All I have to say is ‘cool story Bro, tell it again’. Yep this did not work for me and I ended up creating a new W2K12 Server and presenting the storage that way… But it look good heh?


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