Thursday, October 11, 2012

Windows Page File Size – VDI (or Server)


On you computer, desktop, server, VDI Session do the following:

  1. Start all the applications you need to run at the same time, Outlook, Word, Excel, AV console, Paint, options etc etc
  2. Then via task manager look at the “commit charge peak” highlighted below
  3. Now you can set your paging file minimum to be that VALUE minus the amount of RAM in you have
  4. If this value is a negative number, set a minimum size to the configured crash dump option you have set (if you have one).

So in the example below, on this VDI session I have disabled crash dump and so don't need a page file at all and this saves me IOPS.

BUT setting no page file leaves no head room for an app requiring memory and it that app can be as simple as a large JPG in MSPaint, so disabling is good for performance, but can have limits.




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