Friday, October 19, 2012

A usable server cannot be found.. Citrix XenApp 6.5


A usable server cannot be found on which to launch the application. APP-DETAILS. Check your worker group definitions and load balancing policies to verify appropriate servers are assigned for APP-DETAILS.

This shows as an Error occurred while making the connection in the Web interface.


The details show up in the event log. Of course triple checking the worker groups and load balancers were not the problem… so…


Using QFarm shows server load 20000


The licence server is setup in the GPO


Ping works, but it was IPv6…


And try a telnet to the licence server port fails. But does work on the local host…


IP v6 was disabled so deleted the entries in DNS


Ensured telnet then worked remotely

Checked that the licence was active on the licence and it was good to go.

Then GPupdate /force to ensure applied.


Qfarm was now healthy and looking good.


So the error was a licence missing, of course.

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