Tuesday, August 30, 2011

EdgeSight Error: 'Service Unavailable'


EdgeSight Error: 'Service Unavailable' after reboot from initial installation (CTX126899)

When attempting to access the EdgeSight console

Not: If you attempt to stop and restart the rsshadmin and rsshapp services, an incorrect logon message appears and the service fails to start.

True: In the IIS management console, the EdgeSight Application Pool might be in a stopped state.. The Application Pool starts successfully but reverts to a stopped state after a few seconds.

Tried this: Re-type the logon credentials for the rsshasdmin and rsshapp services.
Tried this: Re-type the logon credentials used for the EdgeSight Application Pool identity.
Tried this: Add the EdgeSight Application Pool identity logon account to the EdgeSight server local IIS_IUSRS group.
Tried this: Restart the EdgeSight server.

Turned out the service account was blocked via a GPO from ‘logon as a batch job’. Once the policy was updated and replayed it worked fine.

This is the event viewer that found the problem.


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Adam said...

Cheers Dave, good find. Saved me a bunch of time. The installer should perhaps grant the service account 'log on as batch job' right.

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