Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Google Chrome getting business ready

Google now support GPO policy templates for administrators who want to set Chrome policies on their corporate-managed devices.

Download the policy templates zip file here and view the Chromium developer site for additional information.


Enter chrome://policy in your Chrome address bar, and Chrome will display all the policies which are currently in effect for that browser.


Policies which say “Applies to: Current user” are cloud-based user policies set from the Admin console, or they could be OS-user policies set by Group Policy Objects (GPO). Group policies can be per user or per machine. Device policies will show up as “Device” on Chrome devices, and “Machine” on Windows/Mac/Linux computers.

Machine Policies are applied through Group Policy Objects (GPO) on Windows and through the Admin console for Chrome OS ("Applies to: Device"). These are device-specific and apply to all users, regardless of which browser they’re using or whether or not they’re signed into Chrome or the device.

OS-user policy is applied to Chrome when a user signs into their corporate-managed computer. These policies are set using GPO on Windows. OS-user policies take precedence over cloud policies set for Chrome.

Chrome Profile refers to a user’s Chrome experience when he signs in to the Chrome browser on his machine. These are also called cloud-based user policies in the documentation, and they’re set by an administrator using the Admin console.


When there is a conflict between policies set on different scopes, the one that’s higher on the list above takes precedence. Machine Policies take precedence over OS-user and Chrome Profile policies.


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