Monday, March 09, 2015

Why you should move to Office 365


If you have an email administrator and you have less then 1000 users, what are you thinking?

  • You could move just the contractors to Office 365, and keep your staff internal or any mix you like?
  • You dont need to worry what device people want email delivered to, Office 365 is everywhere and on every device
  • When you get Office 365 each users gets a minimum of 1TB of cloud storage so you can kill off the DropBox accounts
  • It has a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Lync is already setup for you are ready to go. If you have never setup lync you wont know why that is great
  • SharePoint and applications on top like WIKIs etc are already built in
  • The data can now be hosted in Sydney and Melbourne so the latency issues with Singapore are largely gone
  • You could sack that lazy good for nothing email administrator, of get them doing something more interesting
  • It is updated in the background for you
  • Web access, mobile phones, outlook client are all ready to go
  • Unless you have thousands of high security users, it will be cheaper then on-prem Exchange
  • Archiving is built in – oh and it works

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