Friday, November 01, 2013

Citrix Universal Print Server/Driver


The Universal Print Server uses the Universal print driver, which is installed with the XenDesktop agents. It is so easy I cant believe everyone isn’t doing it.

The Universal Print Server transfers the print job in a highly optimised and compressed format, minimising network use and improving the user experience.

The Universal Print Server includes the following:

  • The client UPClient which is installed via the XenDesktop agent software
  • The UPServer which is a simple MSI install that accepts connections from the clients to the printers on the print server.

Generally in XenDesktop, it is recommended to use Universal print driver. The Universal print driver is a device-independent driver that supports MOST print device. This reduces the number of dedicated drivers required.

The Universal Print Server and Universal print driver have the following policies:

Universal printing optimization[sic] defaults. Specifies default settings for the Universal Printer when it is created for a session:

    • Desired image quality specifies the default image compression limit applied to universal printing.
    • Enable heavyweight compression enables or disables reducing bandwidth beyond the compression level set by Desired image quality, without losing image quality.
    • Image and Font Caching settings specify whether or not to cache images and fonts that appear multiple times in the print stream, ensuring each unique image or font is sent to the printer only once.
    • Allow non-administrators to modify these settings specifies whether or not users can change the default print optimisation settings within a session.
    • Universal printing image compression limit. Defines the maximum quality and the minimum compression level available for images printed with the Universal print driver.

Universal printing print quality limit. Specifies the maximum dots per inch (dpi) available for generating printed output in the session.

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