Monday, August 27, 2012

W2K8R2–>Windows Server 2012


There are been some massive improvements in scale in Windows Server 2012, here are the key new features in virtualisation…

Subsystem, services R2 2012 Improvement factor
Hardware CPU 64 3200 5x
Hardware RAM 1TB 4TB 4x
Virtual CPU 512 1024 2x
CPU per VM 4 64 16x
RAM per VM 64GB 1TB 16x
Running VMs 384 1024 2.7x
Virtual disk size 2TB 64TB 32x
Cluster nodes 16 64 4x
VMs 1000 4000 4x

For VDI there are some nice new features, and one of the best in the new VDI wizard… More to come here.


Note: from TechEd 2012

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