Friday, March 02, 2012

Error 1603 while installing XenApp 6.5 on W2K8 R2


This error showed up as many problems, drilling into the log it showed as the SRM.MSI and then another and another after recopying these faulty MSI packages...  By the way 1603 is a general MSI failure, not Citrix specific.


I looked into the log and tried to run it directly with the same error.

I was not using the ISO image as it was a VM on someone else VMware and so I could not mount it, I had infact extracted it via a linux computer. This caused issues with SOME not all of the MSI’s or support files.

The way I fix it was to mount the CD/DVD as a image on a VM, copy the files out, and recopy these over the media I was trying to use. That fixed it.


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