Friday, February 17, 2012

VirtualBox Network command lines


If you run a bunch on VMs in VirtualBox and use NAT to keep consistent addresses changing the active network card (from wireless to wired etc) on the computer is a pain as you need to go into the VM and click disconnect network, ok, connect network ok.

Well that is way to may steps for my liking. Here is the command line to pop and icon in the desktop or run as a task/script.

vboxmanage controlvm "WORK SOE" setlinkstate1 off
vboxmanage controlvm "WORK SOE" setlinkstate1 on

If you want to change the network adaptor connection (ie, not connected or to the NAT), this is how.

vboxmanage controlvm "w2k8r2dc1" nic1 null
vboxmanage controlvm "w2k8r2dc1" nic1 nat

You can also start and sleep them on the command line.

vboxmanage controlvm "nameOmachine" savestate
vboxmanage startvm "nameOmachine"

And just to suspend the laptop from the command:
sudo pm-suspend


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