Monday, December 06, 2010

Don't run with five Active Directories, it helps no one


The group of companies have had some level of manual Active Directory integration for the last three years but with the appointment of … this program has been accelerated to better make use of the environment. Currently user population suffer from a series of issues which hinder business and irritate users:

1. Duplicated logons across several systems (Network, business applications)

2. No common and automatic contact list/GAL across the group of companies

3. No simple way to share files on file servers

4. A lack of a central and organisation based … services

5. No free-busy calendar outside of each specific organisation.

These issues make work harder and less efficient then it can be with double handling by user support and data management teams. To address these issues the general plan for organisation consolidation seeks to target the following:

1. A single and consistent contact list/GAL across all organisations

2. Simple and common shared folders and files

3. A single Intranet across the group of organisations with the ability to host general and specific business information

4. Common email platform across all users while maintaining the organisational persona for external email

5. Free-busy across all users

6. Movement to a common Office365/BPOS messaging system.

Over and above these the users are able to share a common internal environment with a common logon experience and desktop look and feel.

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