Friday, December 02, 2005

Another fantastic result - a Windows 95 day

Yep, the end of the last working day of the week, a 5:30 migration of a thousand users on Monday morning, and we have a show stopper. Not just any old showstopper. This on is a Windows 95 computer !!

Yep, stop it all, because the Windows 95 computer cant access the network. It is after all the paging server... And why wouldn’t you use Windows 95 for that. After all in the TEN YEARS sense its release it has shown to be ultimately stable !!!

Anyway, move it to another location and it still works, global failure averted... again...

Windows 95 was great, Windows XP is 10-30 times more reliable then Windows 95/98/ME. ( But no need to hurry it. Dont start me on Linux/Unix...

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